Why a Continuous Improvement Approach?

Saves crucial time

Building a website the traditional way may take up a minimum of 3 months of your business’s crucial time. We prioritise and deliver a growth website in 60 days.

Iterates based on user data

We believe in building a website that is based on what works for the user. We learn form the user data to build an asset that is driven by a user-centric design.

Increases conversions

Once your growth website is ready, we believe in continuously improving your asset. We implement Conversion Rate Optimization in order to monitor conversions and traffic on your website.

Empathy for the customer

We all know customer is the epitome of any business. Our websites learn from your user’s data to understand why, how and what is needed to show case to your customer.

Our Process

We are a process oriented team and strongly believe in our research. Our team invests at least 3 weeks in the strategy phase before getting into design & development of your digital asset. Here’s how we break it down into three phase.

Strategy Phase

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We usually start with the Strategy Phase where we understand your business model using a user centric approach. We dig deep into your core problems, current users, their motivation, your competition and provide design and flow solutions based on that.

Design & Development Phase

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Once we have an understanding of your business from a user’s perspective, we develop prototypes of your content based on the information collected in the Strategy phase. The design is created based on what your users like rather that what we like.Designs are moved into the development stage only once we are sure it delivers quality.

Launch & Experiment Phase

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We closely monitor your website for a set period where we monitor website performance, user traffic, conversions. We re-visit content wishlist to add content pieces that are further important for the growth of your business. Implement content which fell into the 2nd priority list and improve conversions.

Schedule a call with our co-founder

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  • Agenda

    To see how our 60 day promise can work for you

    We make the first launch of a website happen within 60 days from our first meeting. Our approach also ensures that your website is a continuously evolving platform rather than make it and forget it. On the call, we share our methodology and showcase how it will work for your ecosystem. This is free and there’s zero obligation to work with us afterward.

  • A Chat With

    Our Co-founder

    From a marketing automation specialist to a go-to-market strategist, Mohit Bansal is a technology-driven full stack marketer. Driven by design, motivated by problem solving by utilising data.

  • What we need from you

    30 mins.

    With no post-call obligation

How can we help you?

  • I need a MVW (Minimum Viable Website)

    You’re at the right place. We’ll help you identify what’s crucial for your business as well as analyse your data. Based on which, we’ll deliver your MVW (Minimum Viable Website).

  • I want more conversions on my website

    And we’ll definitely help you with that. We suggest & deploy the right tech stack to track traffic on your website. We analyse traffic on a periodic basis and generate reports on our findings, based on which changes are implemented.

  • I want to re-design my current website

    We believe that creating a website that leads to growth is an on-going process. We re-design your website by analysing your traffic and deliver what your user would like to see rather than what looks good to us.