Why choosing a solution is not easy

Too many is too bad

Have you experienced decision making gets tougher when there are too many things to choose from? Similar is the case for marketing technology space, As per chiefmarket.com, there are over 5000 tech products to choose from.

No one size fits all

Marketing automation solutions require to be tailored to the business ecosystem. the duration to customise can range from a month to a 3 month period. First six month period is the most crucial for the ROI on the technology platform.

High switching costs

As marketing automation solutions are highly tailored to the business ecosystem, there is a cost associated in terms of time and money to switch solutions.

Fast-paced change in consumer digital trends

With platforms racing to get a higher share of consumers attention spans, there is a constant reshuffle of communication platforms. New tools emerge with unique value proposition to follow up with the change in consumer trends.

Which Marketing Automation Platform to choose

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