How marketers are embracing it

63% of them are using KPIs to develop single view of customer

Analyzing data from multiple customer touch points and technology stacks to provide unified customer view that will ensure the effectiveness of marketing efforts across customer journeys.

60% of them believe data-driven attribution is essential to understanding customer journeys

Do you know when a high-value customer is about to become dormant for your brand? Data can help you understand when a customer is about to leave and act pro-actively rather than reactively.

*Data Source October 2018 Google /MIT

Data Maturity of Your Online Business

Our team helps you understand where your business stands in terms of online business data maturity with a simple data assessment. Here’s a peek into our process

Know your data maturity

Optimise User Journeys

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We work across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement to retention. We identify and rectify customer touchpoints that are relevant to your industry and business format for growth.


Acquisition Channel Attribution

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In times when Facebook, Amazon & Google are dominating customer’s attention spans, acquisition costs are on a steep increase trajectory. We help you have a stronger grip over multi-channel acquisition approach.

Setup Marketing Automation Engine

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With our implementation expertise with multiple marketing automation tools, we help you identify and implement the right marketing automation technology, ensuring an ROI.

Deliver Personalised Experience

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We develop user cohorts based on the segmentation of CRM data, that helps us in tailoring growth strategies that are relevant to the users.

Know Your Data Maturity

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    A Data Assessment of your online business

    Our team will benchmark your current customer-facing operations over five factors to showcase the current As-is state. The recommendations will help you identify and implement low effort and high impact tasks to see quick gains.


    30 mins.

  • WITH

    Our Co-Founder

    From a marketing automation specialist to a go-to-market strategist, Mohit Bansal is a technology-driven full stack marketer. Driven by design, motivated by problem solving utilising data.

How can we help you ?

  • I know what's NOT working, I need help in fixing it


    You have identified what you need to take you to the next level. We are a group of excited bunny when it comes to execution. Let’s explore if we can work as an extension of your team. Speak to us to explore this.

  • I have a long sales cycle and most of it takes place offline

    Good spot to be in.

    You have a chance to the leader of change before the rules of the game change and make the current model obsolete. Don’t worry we don’t believe putting all your eggs in one basket. Let’s explore if we can play our part to make you the industry leaders of tomorrow. Speak to us to explore this.

  • I am confused what is the right digital asset for my business

    Mobile Native Mobile App or Web applications

    We all have been there! and continue to visit the grey land, but we can help you dissect it to make it as easy as choosing between black or white. Speak to us to explore this.