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We believe in order to create a sustainable and scalable growth engine, a business needs to invest in the power of owned assets first.

Belief system at Owned Labs

Our aim is to drive business growth by advocacy & not advertisements, by delightful digital experiences & not click baits, by creating the design that works for users & not just looks pretty. We want to solve your marketing problems along with you and together deliver value to your users.


What We Are Not

We are not a social media centric agency

We beleive in the power of owned platforms and know how to make them work with social media platforms, we don't think social media first, we think delivering customer's experience that is platform agnostic.

We are not a place where you can outsource your content

We believe good content gets incepted at the source, it needs alignment and packaging. We help you build a content engine that produces well packaged and aligned content assets.

We do not practice build it and forget it

We just don't build it and leave it, we put in our skin in the game to help with conversions and adoption of your owned assets.


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Mohit Bansal

Mohit has an in-depth experience in creating self-sustainable technology-driven marketing teams. He loves solving user adoption problems by getting to the root cause of the context. Now with his co-founder, he is on a journey to create Owned Labs with a purpose to design for delightful experiences on digital assets. He is passionate about data and believes in the power of hustle.

Sweta Jobanputra

Sweta has been an entrepreneur since 2014. She has been a part of the corporate world before that for 5+ years across varied industries with a demonstrated experience in Client Management and Project Management. After a successful setup of her first venture, now, she has co-founded Owned Labs with a passion to create value to digital businesses. She is a power executioner with a strong focus on processes.

Know what drives your digital business growth

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    Growth drivers for your industry

    It is important to know the limiting factor that drastically effects the quantum of digital growth in your industry. We have combined the intelligence from BCG, Google & Gartner reports with our experience to come up with a list of growth drivers. It may be worthwhile to understand what limits the growth of your business.

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    Our Co-founder

    From a marketing automation specialist to a go-to-market strategist, Mohit Bansal is a technology-driven full stack marketer. Driven by design, motivated by problem-solving utilizing data.